-ORIGINAL-VBM Card Set Kamen Rider Vol.2 Kamen Rider Ex-Aid Side: Ex-Aid & Side: Genm
Price RM60.00
Brand BANDAI - Vital Bracelet/Digivice/Softvice & Other
Reward Points 60
Points Needed 6000
Availability 2

--VBM Card Set Kamen Rider vol.2 Kamen Rider Ex-Aid SIDE in conjunction with the wearable LCD toy series [Vital Breath Characters] that allows you to develop and evolve characters according to your heart rate and amount of steps. : Ex-Aid & SIDE: Genm] is here.

-[Kamen Rider Ex-Aid SIDE: Ex-Aid VBM Card], Kamen Rider Genm and other enemies that include evolution lines centered on Kamen Rider Ex-Aid, Kamen Rider Brave, and Kamen Rider Snipe that appear in [Kamen Rider Ex-Aid] It is a set of 2 pieces of [Kamen Rider Ex-Aid SIDE: Genm VBM Card] that contains evolution lines centered on riders.

* [VBM Card] is not guaranteed to work with [Vital Breath Digital Monster] [Vital Breath DigiVice V-].
* The app [Vital Breath Lab] is not supported.

[set content]
・ Kamen Rider Exaid SIDE: Exaid VBM Card ・ ・ ・ 1
・ Kamen Rider Ex-Aid SIDE: Genm VBM Card ・ ・ ・ 1