-ORIGINAL-KOTOBUKIYA Slifer the Sky Dragon Egyptian God Statue
Price RM1,000.00
Reward Points 1000
Points Needed 100000
Availability 1

[Summon God! Come on! Osiris Sky Dragon !!]

--From the card game anime monument [Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters], this is one of the god's cards, the three phantom gods [Osiris's Sky Dragon], which will be the super powerful trump card of the main character Yu-Gi-Oh! Introducing Kotobukiya's new brand [Heavy and Super Large] series, which has made many characters of the same series three-dimensional!
――The presence that reigns as the highest-class monster in the play is completely expressed with an overwhelming scale of over 30 cm and a heavy and delicate painting expression with outstanding shadows!
――The characteristic head with two jaws on the top and bottom, huge wings and long torso that cover the heavens, sharply sharpened fangs and claws, dorsal fin, etc. are thoroughly reproduced with attention to detail. !!
――Along with [Ra's Wing God Dragon] and [Obelisk the Tormentor], which will start accepting reservations at the same time, it is a must-see item for fans to relive that excitement in the play that still does not fade!

[Accessories / Specifications]
--The head can be moved flexibly by connecting the ball joint.
--Arm and leg can be moved at any angle by shaft joint
-Comes with a dedicated display pedestal

[What is [[jukouchodai]]? ]
――It is a transcendental non-standard series that makes full use of a huge scale full of profound feeling and skillful modeling and painting expression that is not inferior to its power!