BANDAI - FiguartZero Series
BANDAI - FiguartZero Series
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-[Trafalgar Law] is now available in the [Super Fierce Battle -EXTRA BATTLE-] series!

--Wano Kuni Hen, Onigashima Monster A powerful blow in the decisive battle [Trafalgar Law] is three-dimensional!

――The appearance of piercing the enemy at once with `injection shot` appears in a dynamic pose! Don't miss the details such as the fluttering coat and the fluttering shirt!

[set content]
・ Main body (including effects)


-From the TV anime [Jujutsu Kaisen], the King of Curses [Jujutsu] appears in Figuarts ZERO. It expresses a figure that can afford to be the king of curses, sitting on a pedestal that imaged the area development [Fushima Mihiroko]. By using replacement facial expression parts, it is possible to reproduce two different facial expressions.

-Comes with replacement facial parts and arm parts. By replacing it, you can change from a smile to a moody expression with a different impression.

[set content]
・ Main body (including effects)
・ Replacement arm parts
・ Replacement facial expression parts


-[Ultraman Tiga Multi Type] is now available in the [Figuarts ZERO] series of non-movable figures that express the charm and world view of characters by focusing on modeling, coloring, and effects!

--Similar to the SHFiguarts series, under the thorough supervision of Tsuburaya Productions modeling department LSS, the battle with [Ghatanothoa] in the final episode of [Ultraman Tiga] is three-dimensionalized with the image of Mr. Nakamura who was the suit actor in the final episode at that time. .. The impression that became [Tiga] in front of the TV 25 years ago is reproduced in the world view of Figuarts ZERO.

――That impression revives! [Ultraman Tiga] The fierce battle with [Ghatanothoa] in the final episode is three-dimensionalized after 25 years with powerful Zeperion ray effect and realistic effect parts!

[set content]
・ Main body (including pedestal)
・ A set of ray effects


Yuji Itadori, from "Jujutsu Kaisen," joins FiguartsZERO! This fixed-pose figure captures the moment he releases his devastating Black Flash attack, using translucent parts to accentuate the drama!

Product Features

  • Approximately 7.5 inches (19.05cm)
  • Made of ABS and PVC
  • Based on Jujutsu Kaisen
  • Part of the FiguartsZERO series
  • Non-articulated